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May 2016 -- Robert Rosenswig, Utah People's Post


May 2016 -- Robert Rosenswig, CNN

"Breaking down the mythical 'Maya city' discovery"

May 2016 -- Alan J. Lizotte & Scott J. South, SUNY News

"SUNY Board of Trustees Appoints 29 Faculty to Distinguished Ranks"

March 2016 -- Tim Gage, Penn State News

"Penn State Graduate School alumnus recognized for lifetime achievements"

February 2016 -- Melissa Tracy, UAlbany News Center

"UAlbany Researcher Examines Transmission of Gun Violence"

February 2016 -- Catherine Lawson, UAlbany News Center

"Getting to the Doctor"

January 2016 -- Shawn Bushway, The Gaurdian

"The Injustice System -- ‘This could have cleared her’ "

January 2016 -- Ben Shaw, UAlbany News Center

"Benjamin Shaw Named Gerontological Society of America Fellow "

December 2015 -- Alan Lizotte, NBC News

"More Than 80 Percent of Guns Used in Mass Shootings Obtained Legally"

November 2015 -- Feng (Johnson) Qian, UAlbany News Center

"First Published Paper for Public Health's Qian is a Winner"

November 2015 -- Alan Lizotte, Tampa Bay Tribune

"Gun rights for mentally ill a tricky issue, experts say at USF conference"

October 2015 -- Zai Liang, UAlbany News Center

"UAlbany Sociologist Examines Education and Health Consequences of Parental Migration on Children in China"

September 2015 -- Kate Strully, UAlbany News Center

"UAlbany Sociologist Examines Immigrant Health, Immigration Enforcement"

July 2015 -- Joanna Dreby, Fox News Latino

"Amor in the airwaves: Los Angeles radio show gives a peek into the love lives of immigrants"

July 2015 -- Katy Schiller, UAlbany News Center

"UAlbany Researchers Evaluate Higher-Performing Schools Using Common Core Assessments"

June 2015 -- Michael Bloom, UAlbany News Center

"UAlbany Researcher Examines Impact of Metals on Assisted Reproductive Technologies"

June 2015 -- Kathryn Schiller, UAlbany News Center

"Schiller Awarded Grant to Observe Implementation of Common Core Learning Standards"

May 2015 -- Ben Shaw, Zai Liang, Erin Bell, & Tse-Chuan Yang, UAlbany NewsCenter

"University Awards 14 Research Projects Driving Innovation"

March 2015 -- Joanna Dreby, Center for American Progress

"Executive Action on Immigration Will Help Children and Families"

March 2015 -- Kate Strully, NPR News

"People With Low Incomes Say They Pay A Price In Poor Health"

February 2015 -- Alan Lizotte, Bizjournals.com

"Property Crime Down-- If You Don't Count Cyber Crime, Identity Theft"

February 2015 -- Joanna Dreby, UAlbany NewsCenter

"UAlbany’s Dreby Explores Impact of U.S. Immigration Policies in Latest Book"

January 2015 -- Shawn Bushway, Aljazeera.com

"Old age in the big house"

October 2014 -- Joanna Dreby, Northjersey.com

"Immigrant families torn by detentions"

October 2014 -- Matthew C. Ingram, The New York Times

"43 Missing Students, a Mass Grave and a Suspect: Mexico’s Police"

October 2014 -- Samantha Friedman, UAlbany NewsCenter

" UAlbany Sociologist on Fulbright Researches Residential Segregation in Turkey"

July, 2014 --- Zai Liang, World Policy Blog

"Just Approaches? Africa's Migrants in China"

January, 2014 --- Zoya Gubernskaya, ElderBranch

"Naturalization and Age Predictors in Health of Older Adult Immigrants"

January 10, 2014 --- Shawn Bushway, The O'Reilly Factor

"Demographic Patterns of Cumulative Arrest Prevalence by Ages 18 and 23"

December, 2013 --- Zoya Gubernskaya, Health Behavior News

"Immigration Status Impacts Health, Especially for the Young"

June 13, 2012 --- Don Hernandez and Jeff Napierala, Wall Street Journal

"Children in Immigrant Families: Essential to America’s Future"

January 15, 2012 --- Pinka Chatterji and Kajal Lahiri, UAlbany News Center

"Ethnic and Racial Groups Face Increased Health Disparities in Controlling Diabetes"

Dec 21, 2011 -- Shawn Bushway, ITWire

Almost 1 of 3 young Americans are arrested

Dec 20, 2011 -- Shawn Bushway, Charlotte Observer

Arrested by 23? It's not that rare

Dec 19, 2011 -- Shawn Bushway, Business Insider

"What's Behind The Shocking Collapse In Violent Crime?"

Dec 19, 2011 -- Shawn Bushway, TheSpec

"Nearly one-third of Americans arrested by 23"

Dec 19, 2011 -- Shawn Bushway, The New York Times

"Many in U.S. Are Arrested by Age 23, Study Finds"

Dec 2, 2011 -- Richard Alba, Here is the City

"Progress & Pitfalls Of Diversity On Wall Street"

Dec 2, 2011 -- Richard Alba, Center for Urban Research

Progress and Pitfalls of Diversity on Wall Street

Dec 2, 2011 -- Richard Alba, Global Post

"Report finds that white men still dominate Wall Street"

Dec 2, 2011 -- Richard Alba, The Atlantic Wire

"White Men Make at Least 36% More Than Other Groups on Wall Street"

Dec 2, 2011 -- Richard Alba, DealBook - New York Times

"Study Says Wall Street Pay Is Tilted Toward White Men"

Nov 23, 2011 -- Huang Youqin, Foreign Policy

"China’s Wild West, a new resort town transports China’s wealthy urbanites into the world of cowboys and Indians. "

Nov 20, 2011 -- Kate W. Strully

"Job search for older workers is uphill, but isn't impossible"

Nov 18, 2011 -- Kate W. Strully

"Sometimes the Industry Playbook is Accurate"

Nov 14, 2011 -- Benjamin A. Shaw, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

"Money Stress May Drive Older Adults to Alcohol, Smoking"

Nov 13, 2011 -- Benjamin A. Shaw, Fox News Radio

"Financially Stressed Older Adults May Smoke or Drink More — Health Check"

Nov 10, 2011 -- Benjamin A. Shaw, Health Blog

Why Low Income Adults Tend To Become Alcoholics and Smokers?

Nov 4, 2011 -- Samantha Friedman, Times Union

"Poor areas grow poorer"

Nov 9, 2011 -- Benjamin A. Shaw

"Under Money Strains, Some Older Adults Turn to Alcohol"

Aug 24, 2011 -- Pinka Chatterji

"CSDA Associate Pinka Chatterji's research on Early Maternal Employment and Family Wellbeing finds mothers returning to work pose no adverse effects on family."

July 19, 2011 -- Zai Liang, The New York Times

"Illegal Sale of Rice Wine Thrives in Chinese Enclaves"

March 25, 2011 -- Nancy Denton, Times Union

"Hispanic growth rate here outpaces nation"

November 10, 2010 -- Kate Strully, CNN

"Job loss taking a toll on health and life spans, research shows"

November 5, 2010 -- Kate Strully, The Huffington Post

"Study: Longterm Unemployment Has Disastrous Effects On Health And Longevity First Posted:"

August 2, 2010 -- Kate Strully, Science Daily

"Sociological Study Links State Tax Credit Programs to Higher Birth Weight"

May 26, 2010 -- Angie Chung, MSNBC

"Tale of two cities for immigration"

February 24, 2010 -- Kate Strully, The New York Times

"Trauma of Job Loss Often Includes Health Problems"

December 13, 2009 -- Zai Liang, New York Times

"China’s Changing Views on Race"

November 3, 2009 -- Jennifer Manganello, Science Daily

"TV Exposure May Be Associated With Aggressive Behavior In Young Children"

October 11, 2009 -- Angie Chung, North Jersey

"Agents of change"

June 29, 2009 -- Russ Ward, USA Today

"Few See Themselves as “Old”, No Matter What Their Age"

April 11, 2009 -- Kate Strully, USA Today

"People report More Health Issues After Losing Job"

May 10, 2009 -- Kate Strully, Time

"Losing Your Job: A Blow to Your Health Too"

May 8, 2009 -- Kate Strully, New York Times

"Losing Job May Be Hazardous to Health"

January 28, 2008 -- Don Hernandez, USA Today

"Report: Black, Hispanic Children Making Gains"

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