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Dr. Samantha Friedman is an Associate Professor in the Sociology department.  Most of her research has examined the housing and neighborhood attainment of households by their nativity, generational status, race, and ethnicity.  She is continuing work in this vein by focusing on the residential outcomes of racial and ethnic groups by their social class status.  Her other recent research, which has been funded by NIH and HUD and is in collaboration with Gregory Squires and Maria Krysan, examines name discrimination in the rental housing market in Boston and Dallas.  Her future plans include doing extensions of the email correspondence methodology developed in the project.  Finally, she is currently examining the segregation of racial and ethnic groups from whites by their housing tenure.  In future research, she intends to pursue this further by examining how the boom and bust in the housing market have corresponded to segregation by housing tenure and neighborhood racial change and stability in areas where owner-occupied housing predominates.

Dr. Friedman is currently serving as the Associate Director of the Lewis Mumford Center and Public Infrastructure Core Director of the Center for Social and Demographic Analysis (CSDA).  Dr. Friedman has served as a member and co-chair of the College of Arts and Science Council Faculty Development Committee.  She is currently a member of the University’s Council on Research and is chairing the Benevolent Awards Review subcommittee.  She has served as an ad hoc reviewer for NSF grants and on the Special Emphasis Panel (ZRG1) for NICHD.  She is on the editorial board of Social Problems.

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